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Try a canoeing trip in a peaceful location between Sauvo and Kemiönsaari. For more experienced paddlers Own excursion to the area. We can find the details of the canoeing route. We are the landing site for canoeing. The night is spent by the sea in a tent.

Canoeing trip according to your skills close or farther. You can take a kayaking trip by practicing on the coast and taking a short canoe trip. More experienced paddlers can go on a day trip. Kayaks are easy-to-use hobby racks with rudder. The Lemmenpesä accommodation is located in a peaceful setting by the sea. The night was floating in the tent attached to the trees.

You can choose a short 3-hour canoe trip with your friend in the surrounding area or a full-day canoe trip. Both include cookie and dinner. Kayaks are free to use at 10 o'clock in the morning. Accommodation will be vacated at 13:00 in the afternoon. Arrive in the morning with your friend for a canoeing trip. The excursion includes a guide to kayak use, as well as a canoeing map with landing points.

The property is not recommended for worse or for fear of high places.

The tent is attached to the trees about 3 meters high. The rise of the tent is done using a string of ladles. In the middle of the tent, there is a loop where you can get a grip and easily reach the tent.

There are sleeping bags for 2 people, sleeping mats, pillows, pillowcases, fleece blankets, headlights and genuine sheepskin. The lamb is cool in the summer, warm in spring and autumn. The price includes the use of kayak for your choice (short or long trip) for 2 people. Including paddle, hole cover, vest, dry bag, racket and rope.

Tentsile is ideal for those looking for experiences. Walking stones and branches do not rub against your back, but the tent is fixed to three solid trees without damaging the wood. Hovering in the tree. When the sun is shining, the tent can only sleep with a mosquito cover on the head. You can also stay in the water in the tent. The colored rain cover keeps the rain at bay and the rain of water rain lurks the sensuality of the crazy people.

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You can find them here: http://www.ym.fi/fi-FI/Ajankohtaista/Julkaisut/Esitteet/Jokamiehenoikeudet_esite(4450)