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75,00 € / 5 h
Price includes 1 person.


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Guided fatbike trip to Salamajärvi national park 1.9.19 

Guided fatbike trip to the summer time Salamajärvi national park is a merorable experience. Experience the peace and quiet of the national park while gently fatbiking. Salamajärvi national park has rough beauty to it. Many think it looks like Lapland,  of course without the fells! On this trail we bike about 6,5 km to and fro from Ahvenlampi Kämppä to Pyydyskoski. There is a option to hike about 1,5km to Patahonka bay, where we have a coffee break. 

At the beginning of the trip we get to know the fatbikes better and the guide will give tips about the biking techniques. We bike trough a beautiful and hilly heath forest on forest trails. From time to time we will cross some swampy spots. The difficulty of the trips is 2-3, which means it's suited for a person with average fitness level. The length of the trip for bikers is 13km and for hikers 3km.

Starting location

Start of the trip is at Ahvenlampi Kämppä parking lot at 11.00, returning back by 16.00
Instructions on how to get there if unclear send us a message!


  • 75 €/ per person 1.8- 28.7
  • 85€/ per person at the starting location with cash, if theres any bikes left

Number of participants is 3-12.

Included in the price:

  • Guide services
  • Muscle maintenance tips
  • Tips about the bike and how drive safely, depending on skill level of the biker.
  • Trail guidance
  • Tales and information about the nature and environment
  • Good quality Felt dd 30 fatbike
  • Helmet
  • Liability insurance

For extra cost:

  • BBB biking shorts for 20€, retail price is 55€.
  • BBB biking shirt for 25€, retail price is 45€.

Customer's own gear:

  • Weather appropriate clothing for outdoors and biking.
  • We recommend biking shorts/ pants for increased comfort while biking. ( Can be purchased from us).
  • Coat to wear during breaks
  • Sturdy shoes, good jogging shoes will do. 
  • If needed, own pedals.
  • Enough drinking water.
  • We recommend sun glasses or other protective glasses
  • Energy bars, nuts etc. to eat during breaks.
  • Travel and/ or accident insurance.