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Skytent for Two at Haltia, Nuuksio
€180.00 / d
Price includes 2 persons.Extras:
  • Person(s)€60.00

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Spend a night in a tree!

This is an up-class form of spending the night out. These “skytents” are suspended between firm trees giving you the sensation of a lighter sleep! In addition you have all the necessary accommodation services, and a little more with a bonfire and outstanding forest-views.
Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio is located next to the Nuuksio National Park, only 30 minutes from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and 45 minutes from Helsinki city centre. Here you are guaranteed to have serene and pure nature around you without a trace of city buzz. 
Have a memorable experience with friends, spouse or family, or treat yourself only in this unique environment. Enjoy an evening by a campfire with a view over lake Nuuksion Pitkäjärvi. When the night falls lay down (up) on the tent and relax, feel the peace, fall asleep and wake up next morning to greet the sun.
This is an easy and high-quality venue for you to get familiar with the concept of "skytents" and sleeping "in the air" without the burdens of travelling somewhere way back yonder. Breakfast is always included in your experience and it will be served indoors. Sauna is also possible to book by a request.


Next to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo

Info at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
Opening hrs: 10.00 - 18.00

Accommodation includes

  • One-night stay in a private skytent for 2 persons

  • Sleeping bags with liners, towel, tent mattress 

  • Breakfast: Coffee/tea, Organic fresh juice, Filled baguette, Overnight oats with seasonal jam and berries, Fresh fruits and nuts

  • Shared toilet and showers (indoors)

  • Tickets to Haltia's exhibitions

  • Unique location next to Nuuksio National park

  • Fresh water from tap

  • Free parking at site

  • Luggage room for your extra equipment (accessible during Haltia's opening hours)

What you might need with you

  • Your personal items and a sleeping buddy

  • Snacks (if you haven't booked the evening snack package)

  • Ear-plugs for light sleepers (available to purchase at Haltia)

Additional services and activities at Haltia area:


What is the skytent like as an accommodation?

The skytent can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people.

You will always stay in the tent either by yourself or with your own group.

Depending on the season, the Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio camp has 5-7 tents at site. The tents are approximately 10 meters apart. Loud conversations and shouting can be heard from neighboring tents, but normal conversations cannot.

The area is traversed by established paths.

The terrain is uneven and steep in some places, so please proceed with caution! The Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio is not wheelchair accessible and is best suited for children over 10 years old.

The weight limit for the tent is 400 kg/tent. (And it can certainly handle light swinging too!)

Sleeping in the tent includes a sleeping bag, a hygienic inner liner (a "sheet" inside the sleeping bag), and a tent mattress. The night air flows through the tent, so the recommended season for accommodation is during warmer months. Sleeping in a skytent is comparable to sleeping in a tent in terms of temperature.

Nature sounds can be heard through the tent fabric. We particularly recommend earplugs for light sleepers in the spring, as birds start their musical performances very early in the morning.

The cover fabric of the tent is water- and windproof. The fabric also blocks out light during summer nights. For light-sensitive visitors, we recommend using a sleep mask to ensure peaceful sleep.

How do you enter the skytent?

Our accommodation guide will assist you in accessing the tent when you arrive. There are several ways to enter the tent, either by utilizing your own mobility or, for example, using rope ladders.

If you have specific mobility limitations, you can always inquire with us in advance to determine if this tent accommodation is suitable for you.

Booking and check-in
Tent is available for guests from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival to 12:00 PM on the day of departure. More detailed instructions will be provided in a separate booking confirmation that will be sent after placing the order.


WC and showers - 50 m

Info - 150 m

Parking area - 100 m

Bus stop - 250 m

Café-Restaurant - 200 m

Restaurant Haltia

Nuuksio National Park - 1 km

Supermarket - 13 km (Lidl Bemböle)

Gas station - 8 km (St 1)

The Finnish Nature Center Haltia - 150 m

  • Information and reception

  • Nuuksio hiking advice

  • Equipment rental

  • Shop (including outdoor food!)

  • Exhibitions

  • Café and restaurant

  • Meeting services

Open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Smoking is prohibited throughout the Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio.

Pets are not allowed in the Skytent Ecocamp Nuuksio.

More detailed instructions are provided for the guest on a separate reservation confirmation after a successful booking.

Breakfast provided by: Restaurant Haltia